To all the things I've loved before
Laetitia bachellez toallthethingsilveovedbefore
To all the things I've loved before

An illustration for funsies…. I started a much smaller version of this just to let the steam out when I needed some relaxing work to do, and kept coming back to it day by day to add more little things. At first it was just my dog, then things I had at home and loved, then it became an ode to my passion for cute objects and knickknacks, things I like, things I find pretty or appealing, games and influences that defined me, etc… So I guess it’s now something like an aesthetic board ?
I think you can retrace the trail of my thoughts if you go around the picture clockwise :) There seems to be some kind of logic in the development of the objects/themes, funnily enough !
Personal work - 2018

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